letwithus.co.uk is a service designed to facilitate landlords with everything associated with letting their property, from marketing to full rental guarantee. The nature of the letwithus.co.uk service chosen by the landlord will determine a number of things; the fundamental point being that, the landlord retains control of their asset, enabling them to keep costs to a minimum whilst retaining control at a maximum.

Upon purchasing a service through letwithus.co.uk, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The property that you are listing must be listed accurately and in line with the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991. You hereby indemnify letwithus.co.uk against any claim against you for costs, compensation or damages resulting from an inaccurate representation of the property.
  2. The landlord understands that it is their responsibility to ensure that the necessary compliance checks are undertaken at the property, these are to include Gas Safety Certificate, Energy Performance Certificate, Furniture to comply with current Fire Safety regulations and Electrical Safety standards where required. You hereby indemnify letwithus.co.uk against any claim against you for costs or compensation or damages resulting from your negligence in obtaining the required certifications.
  3. letwithus.co.uk will use a standard Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement fixed for either 6 or 12 months, unless otherwise requested and agreed in advance of the move in day.
  4. letwithus.co.uk will offer you additional services to assist in the letting/compliance of your property. You are not obliged to undertake these services with letwithus.co.uk, you can choose your own nominated contractors or service providers.
  5. letwithus.co.uk will advise tenants of the necessity of ensuring they have insurance to cover landlord’s fixtures and fittings. The tenant is responsible to arrange cover for their own contents. letwithus.co.uk will offer these services through affiliated third party agencies however it is ultimately the tenants responsibility to secure this. Any damages claimed are the responsibility of the tenant unless covered under the landlords own insurance and in line with the landlords obligations. 
  6. Under our 'Online Plus' and 'Ultimate' options, letwithus.co.uk will lodge all deposit monies with the Deposit Protection Scheme (or other Government approved Deposit Protection Scheme), unless otherwise arranged by landlord directly with the tenants/s, to be placed by the landlord into a Government approved Deposit Protection Scheme.
  7. It is the landlord’s legal responsibility to hold any tenant’s deposit money in a recognised Government approved Deposit Protection Scheme, if the landlord has chosen to administer the deposit rather than letwithus.co.uk.
  8. Landlords choosing to hold the clients deposit monies in their own Government approved Deposit Protection Scheme account must provide deposit prescriptive information and the relevant terms and conditions to the tenant in accordance with current legislation.
  9. The landlord is liable for the overall maintenance of the property in accordance with the tenancy agreement.
  10. letwithus.co.uk will advise you as the landlord of any additional action that is required to be taken prior to letting the property.
  11. letwithus.co.uk can also advise on the level of rent you should expect in the current market.
  12. letwithus.co.uk will advise you on the safety certification of items within the property including the Gas Safety Certificate.
  13. letwithus.co.uk will also provide you with information on insuring the property and contents in line with your obligations as a landlord.
  14. letwithus.co.uk will also provide you with information on rent protection schemes available through letwithus.co.uk to safeguard you against losses in rent as a result of non-payment/abandonment of the property.
  15. letwithus.co.uk will arrange appointments for you to conduct viewings for all interested clients in line with your agreed viewing time slots.
  16. The contracts will be signed electronically once all monies have been paid by the tenant on or prior to the moving in date.
  17. On the day the tenant is due to move in, the landlord will arrange the handing over of the keys.
  18. It is the responsibility of the Landlord to ensure he/she is satisfied all relevant parties have paid the necessary deposits and signed the tenancy agreement prior to handing over the keys. letwithus.co.uk accept no liability if keys are handed over prematurely and advise all landlords accordingly against this practice.
  19. letwithus.co.uk will collect the first month’s rent and deposit unless otherwise agreed by all parties.
  20. letwithus.co.uk will only accept tenants once referenced with your agreement, subject to a satisfactory reference result or subsequent satisfactory reference result for a Guarantor.
  21. letwithus.co.uk will not agree to proceed with a tenancy without written agreement from you by email, if the above is not satisfactory.
  22. letwithus.co.uk will charge the tenants a reasonable application fee (see letwithus.co.uk website for current fees) for the referencing and application process to be undertaken. This will be a charge to the tenant unless the landlord offers to pay the charge or a share on the tenant’s behalf.
  23. The landlord will become liable for the referencing fee if a tenancy is not offered to the tenant after obtaining a satisfactory reference result in line with our refunds policy.
  24. The landlord will be responsible for taking meter readings and informing the local authority of the new occupation. The landlord is also responsible for informing the utility companies and local authority as to the change in occupancy and relevant meter readings.
  25. The landlord is responsible for collecting all monies due in relation to the ongoing monthly rent payable, the only exceptions being the initial month’s rent and deposit providing the landlord has instructed letwithus.co.uk to administer this and/or if the landlord has chosen our additional service of rent collection or our full management service.
  26. If the landlord has chosen our rent collection service letwithus.co.uk will ensure the deposit is held in a Government approved deposit protection scheme and that all rents collected are processed and paid to the landlord by bank transfer within 7 (seven) days of receipt less any deductions due to letwithus.co.uk
  27. letwithus.co.uk will retain any rental monies within a client account specifically for rent payments until the balance is transferred to you.
  28. letwithus.co.uk will respond as quickly as possible to any queries from yourself or your tenant.
  29. The landlord will become liable for an introduction fee of £180 including VAT if a tenancy agreement is arranged directly between a tenant introduced by letwithus.co.uk and the landlord within six months of the initial introduction and not processed through our ‘Online Plus’ option or our ‘Free Trial Offer’ option.
  30. letwithus.co.uk is not able to ensure the rental guarantee service if you make changes to the initial tenancy without ensuring that we are informed and that the tenancy can continue to be covered taking in to account those changes.
  31. In unusual circumstances, it may arise that the tenancy cannot be covered under the rental guarantee service. In this case, letwithus.co.uk will inform you as soon as we are made aware of an issue that would affect the rental guarantee. In this unlikely event, we would offer you a comparable service or option.
  32. Once you have chosen and paid for a service through letwithus.co.uk, the service contents that are listed on www.letwithus.co.uk will be the only services you receive unless you make an addition to that service by requesting that addition on our website.
  33. Once you have purchased a service, letwithus.co.uk will retain sole letting rights of the property for the period of the service.
  34. It is a condition of the agreement with letwithus.co.uk that landlords using our 'Free Trial' and ‘Online Plus’ services have their proposed tenants referenced through letwithus.co.uk. If you do not agree to this condition, the default is an ‘Introductory Fee’ which will be charged at £180 including VAT, which is payable upfront or subsequently collected on discovery of the breach of agreement.
  35. Any landlord who lets his property to a tenant, introduced to the landlord through the letwithus.co.uk process, within 6 months of the initial introduction is subject to our ‘Introductory Fee’ of £180 including VAT unless we have undertaken the referencing process under either the ‘Free Trial’ or ‘Online Plus’ or ‘Ultimate’ services.
  36. letwithus.co.uk can withdraw or amend services at any time subject to providing adequate notice which we deem to be seven days. No liability can be attributed to letwithus.co.uk after this time.
  37. letwithus.co.uk will not offer a refund should the tenant have been sourced elsewhere other than through letwithus.co.uk services. letwithus.co.uk will simply process said tenant on your behalf and under the same service as paid for.
  38. You agree to indemnify letwithus.co.uk against any claims of loss, damage, or compensation that may arise from the tenancy, providing that the landlord has adhered to letwithus.co.uk Terms & Conditions and letwithus.co.uk has fulfilled its commitments.
  39. In the event of a complaint against letwithus.co.uk, you will need to contact the General Manager – info@letwithus.co.uk. In the event that you feel that the complaint has not been satisfactorily dealt with, your final recourse is with the Property Redress Scheme who will investigate your complaint and make a final decision which is binding on both parties.
  40. On agreements made outside of the fixed pricing of the services, all accounts are to be settled within seven days of the agreed completion point stated within the initial agreement. Failure to comply will incur charges of 10% above the Bank of England base rate.
  41. In the event of a tenants' failure to pay their rent, the landlord indemnifies letwithus.co.uk of any liability except through the 'Rental Guarantee Service (which is underwritten by Homelet and is subject to its own Terms & Conditions).
  42. In the event of a tenants' failure to adhere to the terms of the tenancy, the landlord indemnifies letwithus.co.uk of any liability except through the 'Rental Guarantee Service (which is underwritten by Homelet and is subject to its own Terms & Conditions).
  43. In the event that any of letwithus.co.uk services are abused or marketing material is defaced/ damaged, the landlord unequivocally accepts responsibility and understands that there may be a charge applicable.
  44. letwithus.co.uk reserves the right to refuse services if deemed necessary.
  45. letwithus.co.uk endeavours to process tenant applications with due diligence in respect of Money Laundering activity, however, letwithus.co.uk is not an expert in identifying genuine forms of identification or likewise documents presented during the application stages. As such the landlord agrees to indemnify letwithus.co.uk in respect of any costs or expenses incurred as a result of false representation from a tenant.
  46. It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure they inspect the original ID documents as provided during the referencing process and satisfy themselves that the original documents are genuine and have not been tampered with to comply with the current ‘Right to Rent’ legislation.
  47. On instructing letwithus.co.uk to market/let a property on your behalf, the landlord confirms their ownership of said property and their authority to let that property. The landlord also confirms that this adheres to their mortgage agreement and obligations (where appropriate).
  48. Landlords will not instruct letwithus.co.uk to market a property to let if they cannot ensure their commitment under the terms of the tenancy agreement. For example, if a mortgagee is in mortgage arrears or if the Landlord is aware of the likelihood of the property being repossessed.
  49. If the landlord decides against letting the property for any reason after the initial service has been undertaken, the landlord accepts liability for any costs incurred by letwithus.co.uk and will pay such costs as detailed within the refund policy.
  50. For legal assistance, letwithus.co.uk refers to a consortium of third parties who, if instructed, the landlord will be made fully aware of and when entering in to an agreement with such company, the landlord does so completely independently of letwithus.co.uk.
  51. letwithus.co.uk reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions in the interest of good practice.
  52. letwithus.co.uk works with trusted affiliated third parties at times in relation to possible products that we feel may be useful to you. Please see our privacy policy for further information.
  53. An addendum can be made to the Terms & Conditions here within should letwithus.co.uk feel that these do not meet the client’s specific needs.
  54. In the event of a failed or referred credit report, you might decide to accept a guarantor for the rent as part of accepting a Tenant. letwithus.co.uk will in all circumstances where there is a failed or referred credit report ask you whether you want to seek a guarantor or withdraw from the application for the tenancy. We will charge the Tenant to reference and administer the guarantor. We will provide a Deed of Guarantee for the tenant to sign at no extra cost to you the landlord.
  55. It is your responsibility to ensure that the guarantor signs a Tenancy Agreement and the Deed of Guarantee (where applicable), unless you are using our electronic Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement services.
  56. Our introductory 'Free Trial' service is subject to letwithus.co.uk conducting the tenant referencing. If you the Landlord decide to carry out your own tenant referencing then an upfront fee of £180 including VAT will be charged to you as you will revert to our ‘Introductory Fee’ option. You will be fully responsible for validating a tenant's right to rent a property in the UK to comply with the Immigration Act 2014 (this law became effective for landlords from 1st February 2016).
  57. If you choose our 'Free Trial' service, we reserve the right to withdraw from marketing the property for any reason without incurring any financial liability for any consequential loss incurred by the landlord.
  58. We accept UK currencies (GBP) as standard, other currencies may attract a surcharge which will be advised prior to agreement.
  59. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines how we collect, use and protect and personal information that you provide to us while using letwithus.co.uk and what your rights are around that information. 

We will never give away personal information given to us by users of the letwithus.co.uk site to third parties without your prior consent.

We may use the information you have supplied to us (phone number and email address) to send you the tenant's information for any property and to provide to the tenants that enquire about the property you have advertised with us. When you advertise a property, you may specify different contact details (name, phone number, email address) for use for this purpose only.

We may use the information you have supplied to us (phone number and email address) to contact you regarding services and special offers available to registered users of letwithus.co.uk. If you do not want to receive such information, you can unsubscribe at any time, just let us know.

Refund Policy

By law you may have the right to a “cooling off period” during which you will have the right to withdraw from the purchase of any service for any reason within 14 calendar days from the point your contract is concluded with us or a Third Party Service provider (as applicable). To cancel, you must inform us or the Third Party Service provider (as applicable) that you wish to cancel this contract by letter or e-mail. This can be e-mailed to info@letwithus.co.uk or sent by post to: Customer Service, Let With Us Ltd 23 King Street, Cambridge. CB1 1AH.

To ensure that you meet the deadline for “cooling off” period, you must send your communication regarding your exercise of the right to cancel before the end of the "cooling off period".

If you cancel an order for Paid-For Services in line with the terms and conditions set out on this website, you will be entitled to reimbursement of all payments made by you in respect of the order, including any costs of delivery (except for any extra costs associated if you chose a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery that may have been offered to you).

You will have to bear the direct cost of returning any goods supplied to you (where this is relevant).

For Paid-For Services, any refunds will be sent using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not be charged as a result of the reimbursement. Reimbursement will be sent once we have received the goods back or you have shown evidence of having sent back the goods, whichever is the earliest.

If, at your request Paid-For Services have started during the "cooling off period", we will be entitled to deduct any amount which is in proportion to what has been performed until you have given us your decision to cancel the order, in comparison with the full coverage of the order. Unless you communicate otherwise, your purchase of Paid-For Services from us will be taken as a decision by you to begin the service immediately once it is possible (and within the “cooling off” period).

Unfortunately, the goods or services we or our Third Party Service providers provide as part of the services may be subject to geographical restrictions on occasions, and if they are we will endeavour to notify you of any restrictions that apply on our website.

Company details

Registered Company Name – Let With Us Limited

Place of Registration - Companies House

Registered Office – 108 High Street, Ramsey, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. PE26 1BS

Registration no. 09803970